Prior to the advent of digital technology access to large audiences was restricted to a select few media outlets. Companies such as newspapers, broadcasters, magazines and production houses comprised the majority of media space that people consumed every day.

The internet has changed the way businesses conduct business. Anyone can now produce media, and share it with a vast number of customers via an online platform. Owned Media is the name for this broader reach.

However, the ease with the production of content and shared could create issues. Internet memes, illegal song use, and the aforementioned Internet memes are a few examples of how the absence of clear copyright laws can make it difficult to regulate online media.

In 2023, if your business produces and distributes its own media to a list of customers and is considered to be a „media company“. This definition goes beyond traditional media, like radio and television to include businesses that produce and promote their own content, such as YouTube videos, podcasts, and ebooks. The aim of a modern media company is to provide their audience with interesting content and expand the audience of the brand through word of mouth and social media promotion. These goals can be reached via paid advertising platforms such as PPC, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. However the effective use of social media marketing requires lots of time to be successful.

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